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About DGAJ

The Directorate-General of Justice Administration (DGAJ) is a service of the Ministry of Justice tasked with ensuring operational support to the courts. 

According to its Organic Law (Decree-Law 165/2012, of July 31th), DGAJ has the following responsibilities:

"a) Supporting the Government member who is responsible in the area of Justice for the definition of the organization and management policy for the courts, as well as participating in the drafting of studies aiming to update them and to optimize the means, proposing and carrying out the appropriate measures, and collaborating with the Institute for Justice Financial Management and Infrastructures (IGFEJ) in the implementation, operation and evolution of the information systems of the courts;

b) Ensuring the criminal and disobedience identification services;

c) Programming and carrying out actions regarding the management and administration of the Justice staff, directing the activity of the court administrators and processing the remunerations for the Justice staff, judges and public prosecutors working at the courts without administrative autonomy;

d) Programming and carrying out the initial and subsequent training actions for Justice staff, as well as collaborating in the actions bestowed unto them;

e) Collaborating with the Directorate-General of Justice Policy (DGPJ) in the collection, treatment and sharing of information elements, namely statistical, concerning the courts;

f) Programming the needs of court facilities and collaborating with the Institute for Justice Financial Management and Infrastructures (IGFEJ) in the planning and carrying out of construction, refurbishing or maintenance works;

g) Ensuring the supply and maintenance of the court equipment, together with the IGFEJ, I.P., and the structure of the Ministry of Justice responsible for procurement;

h) Coordinating the drafting, execution and evaluation of the budget, financial and accounting management of the courts without administrative authority, as well as ensuring budget preparation and management for the courts of first instance, the magistracy and the Public Prosecution."

The Ordinance N.º 67/2017, of February 15th, approves the core structure of the services and the competences of the respective organic units of the Directorate-General of Justice Administration.

The Directorate-General of Justice Administration is headed by a director-general (Isabel Matos Namora), assisted by two deputy director-generals (Ana Cláudia C+aceres e Jorge Tavares).

Should you wish to obtain further information on any area of competence of DGAJ, please contact us throught this form.