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Support to the courts

Court staff / Court clerks

The Directorate-General of Justice Administration is the body of the Ministry of Justice responsible for recruiting, managing and administrating court staff and for ensuring their training through the Training Centre. DGAJ is also responsible for processing the remunerations of the court staff working at the First Instance Judicial and Administrative Court Secretariats.

The designation of court staff covers the persons working in court secretariats or in the Public Prosecution services. Court staff are distributed by the following groups: 

  • court clerks
  • computer staff
  • technical assistant
  • operational assistant.

Support to the processing of cases is done by the court clerks. The court clerks includes the categories of high court clerk and justice clerk, as well as the judicial and Public Prosecution services careers, each with different categories. 
Entry in the category of court clerks, assistant clerk or assistant justice technician is done by qualified individuals with a professional degree, approved in an admission procedure. In order to access the career of court clerks, a person must meet the following requirements: effective service in the previous category for three years, classification of at least “good” in the previous category and approval in the respective access test. 
In the courts and services of the Public Prosecution, the filling in of the vacant or soon to be vacated positions of court clerks is done by DGAJ. This vacancy filling is ordinary (once a year in June) or extraordinary.

The court clerks has its own statute approved by Decree-Law 343/99, of August 26. Therefore we have a set of rules applicable especially to them, the existence of which is due to the specific qualities of this group of staff, resulting from the requirements of working in auxiliary bodies of the courts.

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