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Support to the courts

Training Centre

The initial and on-going training of court clerks in particular, and of court staff in general, is a competence of the Directorate-General of Justice Administration (DGAJ) through its Training Centre.

The Training Centre not only holds training actions for court staff applicants admitted in the qualifying course mentioned in article 8 of the Court Staff Statute but also cooperates in the planning of both technical and technological training at the course mentioned in article 7 paragraph 2 of the said Statute.

The Training Centre operates at the DGAJ facilities, in Lisbon (Av. D. João II, 1.08.01 D/E). Nevertheless, there are also trainers/coordinators in Oporto and Figueira da Foz, to provide a more direct support to court staff.
The Training Centre features 25 training rooms throughout the national territory, in order to be closer to all trainees.

Besides organizing and providing local face-to-face training, the Training Centre also provides supporting texts regarding several procedural matters, published and available for all trainees, at its elearning page (included in the DGAJ website). Moreover, a helpdesk service is also available for a more immediate response to urgent matters, on a daily basis.

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